Nurses Week 2010 Update 2

CPT Kevin JonesKevin Jones
GREAT JOB! Update for Nurses Week Fundraiser 7 May 2010
Posted by Kevin Jones at 7:17am on May 7th, 2010
Thank you to everyone who donated. We were able to raise enough for all the items on the snack cart that we wanted to buy for the night shift workers to say Thank You! to the medical staff at Walter Reed. However, we did not raise enough for the gift certificates but we do have enough in our funds to cover it. Thanks again for your donations. Remember! Thank a nurse, Thank a soldier, and thank a family of a soldier.

To still donate, press the donate button below or visit our website at We have items to purchase there which all profits go to operation ward 57. To our new members we are about spreading cheer/raising morale to our wounded warriors, families and medical staff at walter reed on wards 57 and 58 (Ortho/amputee and Neuro/TBI). We also provide avenues for them to connect with one another to make lines of support during their ongoing recovery down the road.