New Volunteer – Manrique “Manny” Pena

Operation Ward 57 would like to welcome its newest volunteer Manrique Pena

Manrique Pena – Volunteer
Manrique PenaManni served in the Army for 5 years. He was 11B, 91B, and finally a 91WM6. His last year and a half of service was as an Army Nurse at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Upon separation from the Army, Manni continued to work at WRAMC as a civilian nurse. His most frequented wards were 57 (Orthopedics) and its’ sister ward 58 (Neuroscience) because “you can’t get a better patient population than our service men and women that have been injured overseas. They are true heroes and they deserve the best care possible”. While working on wards 57 & 58 he met the founders of OPWD-57. Although he no longer works at WRAMC he still feels strongly toward our wounded warriors and would like to help any way he can; either by creating awareness or by helping to raise funds that will immediately impact the lives of our injured military members. Manni is now a full-time student in Maryland – studying toward a Nutritional Science Degree. He now works part-time as a personal trainer (a nurse’s schedule is difficult to maintain while being a full-time student). Although he is still novice, he enjoys participating in distant events, endurance races, and adventure races. Aside from his Scholastic aspirations, Manni hopes to one day run the Boston Marathon, the JFK 50-miler and complete a full IronMan Triathlon. He is proud Veteran of our armed forces and wants to aid Operation Ward 57 in its efforts.

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