Lance Corporal Kylie Watson

Lance Corporal Kylie Watson [ Operation Ward 57 ]Lance Corporal Kylie Watson, a 23 year old heroine from the Royal Army Medical Corps, was awarded the Military Cross, a top military accord, for her actions in treating wounded under enemy fire. Lance Corporal Kylie Watson is only the fourth female in the British army to receive the honor.

Lance Corporal gave medical care to a wounded afghan soldier on open ground while under continuous heavy Taliban fire for 20 minutes. In a separate occasion, she made a 100 meter dash through waist-high ditch under sustained fire in order to deliver life-saving first aid to another Afghan soldier.

Her citation said: “Watson’s immense courage, willingness to put her own life at risk and absolute bravery saved the life of one warrior and acted as an inspiration to her platoon and their Afghan National Army partners.”

We would like to recognize Lance Corporal Kylie Watson, a British soldier, who was recently awarded the Military Cross for her actions of treating wounded under enemy fire. She is only the fourth female in the British Army to received the honor. Many of our wounded U.S. Soldiers are treated by individuals of other nationality & want to recognize their contribution to the care & treatment to our service members.

SSG (RET) Scott Cameron

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