Veterans Day Message 2011

Veterans Day is a day we have set aside to pay tribute to our nations veterans. Today is a day for all of us to honor the more than 22 million men and women who have proudly served in uniform, men and women who have fought for and bled through the years to maintain the safety of our nation and our freedom.

To all of Americas Veterans, we recognize your selflessness. We are humbled by your courage. We are honored by all of you for putting your lives at risk on a daily basis to maintain the safety of us all.

We especially honor and remember those who lost their lives making the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation.

Collectively, our nation owes these men and women a level of gratitude that is immeasurable.

Veterans Day is a day of remembrance that should be observed, not just for the 24 hours it has been granted, but everyday all year long.

Please, take a moment during this day to recognize and give thanks to Americas community of veterans for their contribution and service to our nation.

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