Kerry Carter Visit

Apr 12, 2007

Kerry Carter l Operation Ward 57

Sgt. Cameron and I met Kerry Carter and his college buddy, former Stanford QB Chris Lewis and escorted them into WRAMC. Once inside we went straight up to the Ward and bypassed any VIP security treat- ment. Our arms were full with a wonderful gift pack from the Seattle Sea- hawks; Matt Hasselbeck autographed a football for the patient, Mat- thew, that in- cluded a T-shirt, hats, calendar, posters and more. The small hospital room was filled for over 2 hours while Kerry and Matthew and Chris talked football. Matthew turned out to be the most UBER FAN! He says when he gets out he wants to be a high school football coach.

Meanwhile on the ward, guitar superstar Joe Satriani was shaking hands with the patients and rock diva Stevie Nicks was there the day before and brought iPods filled with 900 songs for each patient. (sadly, none of the patients knew who Stevie Nicks was).

During our visit, multiple doctors and nurses came in to check on Matthew. He found out he may have to have surgery on his remaining foot since there was a bone infection and that he may lose the foot entirely. As you can see from the pictures he was pretty happy to hang out with Kerry. Kerry has called him since that visit to give him some words of encouragement.

Cameron said that the effects of the visit have been positive and long lasting. Matthew was mostly impressed because Kerry hung out and talked with him. Another young airborne amputee sports fan also got a photo and visit from Kerry and Chris on the way out.