96 Year old Veteran Still Donating Blood

Feb 22, 2012

Joe Johnson | Operation Ward 57At age 96, Joe Johnson still is one of the first individuals in line when the bloodmobile arrives in front of his South Carolina retirement home.

Joe Johnson has been donating blood after joining the Army in Tennessee at the age of 21.

“They’d say to us, ‘Line up and give blood’ and maybe out of 200 or so in the company, maybe 40 or 50 guys would do it. Some people would just walk away, but I never did,’’ Johnson said.

Joe states he is always eager to save lives and to keep up the habit he started during his Army career.

You must be at least 16 years of age to begin blood donations but, as of right now, there is no upper age limit.

Joe Johnson and his dedication to his brothers in arms even after all these years amazes us all.

Joe, a might army HOOAH! goes out to you today.

Special thank you to AP press. Quotes come form an interview with Joe Johnson prior to his donation in January.