Board Spotlight – Amanda Sullivan

Amanda Sullivan joined Operation Ward 57 in 2012. Read a little more about why she chose to serve on the board of Operation Ward 57:

“The honor of serving on a Board team, such as Operation Ward 57, is an easy choice. Giving my time to an organization that touches the wounded heroes among us was not optional, it was an absolute must. My life has been significantly altered by relationships I have treasured with those who have served our country. To the loss of my most precious friend in combat, to awaiting my best friend’s current return from deployment; it has been a tireless effort for me to serve in this area. Operation Ward 57 supports the entire family and not just the service member. They realize that the effects of war impacts the lives of those who love and care for our wounded and extend their services to them as well. The genuine love and care for those that Operation Ward 57 leaves a lasting impression and shows in every story they share from service members doing amazing things years after their encounter with OPW57.


I have chosen to devote my life, to those who have devoted their lives for us and have currently joining LiveLife, an organization dedicated to helping those facing trauma such as PTSD and TBI and working with all family and friends to transition with their loved one who has been affected over the wars they and we have faced. I am also continuing efforts to establish Valiant Veterans at LiveLife, to honor and heal veterans and working in collaboration with multiple organizations of like minded mission, I believe we can be fully prepared and always ready to the physically and emotionally wounded. Our mission is Loving Veterans To Life and with the addition of our service puppy in training; Gunnar, we are able to move forward in greater ways. It’s not a job, or work, or labor. It’s a passion!”

-Amanda Sullivan

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