Seeking Guest Bloggers!

Apr 21, 2014

So recently the social media team and our board decided that we wanted to beef up the blog on our website (basically what you are reading now) to not only include information about future and past events related to OPW57 but to also have it serve as a vehicle to insightful and educational articles, op-ed pieces, stories and more. Why not use this public forum that we have to better serve our mission of education and advocacy?

 So, as we move forward we invite YOU to submit blogs to us for review and possible inclusion for submission throughout the year. The sky is the limit as to topics, but we’d love some firsthand opinion from caregivers, wounded warriors, veterans, as well medical providers and those in the community who interact with our nation’s heroes.  Maybe you have firsthand experience of traversing the IDES/VA system, maybe you are a wounded warrior who had to travel and have airport tips, maybe you are an employer with words of advice or job opportunities, or maybe you are a family member who has had to adjust to this new “normal”. Chances are, if you have gone through it, someone else is probably going through that same thing right now and could really use your words, advice or opinion. So, think about it. We’d love to share your thoughts. There is no desired length or topic – just honestly and real life is what we are looking for.  Not good at writing? Maybe consider creating a photo display of your topic – or create a top 10 list…

To submit a piece to be considered please email us at Don’t forget to include a little short bio on yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you. And to start – I will write the first new blog piece. Stay tuned!

          Brittney H. OPW57 Executive Director