Dear Supporters,

We’re excited to announce a new partnership that will bring both enjoyment and financial
contributions to Operation Ward 57! We’ve partnered with to bring
you some great new fun and competitive fantasy sports games that will benefit our military
veterans and their families.

Fantasy Coach (called “the best new fantasy platform out there” by ESPN Insider Mike Clay)
hosts fantasy football contests on their website that are available from phone, tablet or
desktop devices. The site contains tournaments that pay cash prizes to the top 50% of all
league participants and has league contests with $50 and $500 entry level fees – 90% of entry
fees are paid to the top 6 members of each 12 team league.

That’s good news for you and here’s more, 9% goes directly to Operation Ward 57 as a
charitable donation (99% of entry fees paid out to our foundation and members!).

Please visit from this specific link or the one above in this message (so
that we can get credit for your sign up) and find the contest that suits you best. Free
tournaments do not benefit Operation Ward 57 but are also available on the site for your

Please enjoy playing Fantasy Coach on behalf of Operation Ward 57. Stay tuned for some more
exciting opportunities within the season.

Warmest Wishes,

Operation Ward 57

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