Far From Home is now available on Amazon

Aug 29, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Far From Home is now available on Amazon in both Ebook and Paperback. All royalties from the book sales will be going to Operation Ward 57!

Please join us in supporting America’s wounded heroes by buying a copy of Far From Home and by sharing this post so your friends become aware of this opportunity to help. Thank you.

Book Description: They come from all over America with different histories and experiences. Now they are all US Marines heading into the first ground battle of the Iraq War, so heavily based on the real battle of An Nasiriyah, a battle Adam fought in, that it is more fact than fiction, Far From Home is a fictional novel that will take you to the front lines as none other has. Far From Home is a fundraising novel with 100% of the authors’ royalties going to Operation Ward 57, as non-profit organization which helps amputee veterans. So you can feel good about your purchase.