Fundraising Guidelines and FAQ’s To Benefit Operation Ward 57

Since 2007, Operation Ward 57 has been helping wounded service members, their families, and those who aid in their recovery. We would not be able to continue this service without your help. We are counting on you to help us keep moving forward. We do not have a professional fundraising staff so your effort, and the money you raise, will make an essential difference to the future of Operation Ward 57. We are constantly amazed by the resourcefulness of our supporters reaching out to family, friends and neighbors and using their creative talents to raise money in their communities.

If you follow the guidelines and suggestions in this Fundraising Guide, begin
early and dedicate the time, energy and effort necessary, We are confident you can meet
your fundraising goals.

On the following pages, we’ve included a few ideas and some guidance.
If any question arise not answered below please feel free to contact us.
Email us at

Thank you and thank you again for your partnership in helping America’s wounded warriors!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do first?

Recruit some friends, family and co-workers to help you. The more folks involved with the event, the more of a success it will be. Subsequently, the more fun it will be. Remember just one person can make a difference!

OK, then what? Brainstorm & decide on what type of events or partnership you want to create. Decide on the date, time and place for the event and create a plan. Larger events typically require 3-6 months of planning. Most sponsorships are procured 1 year in advance! Having a solid production plan will ensure your success. The next step is to decide on your fundraising goal. Pick a specific amount that you think you can raise and create a budget. Be reasonable: this is your working goal. The budget should include all costs you cannot get donated. If you want to produce a type of event you have no experience with , please enlist the help of professionals.

How do I get approval for the event?

Next, contact Operation Ward 57 to get approval for your idea and plan. We need to work with you to ensure there isn’t a conflict of interest and to share some ideas. Once we have agreed, we will send you an approval letter you can use to secure sponsorships and donations. This will also allow you to use our logo in any advertising for the event. Funds raised must be donated via our website or check no later than 14 days after your event.

What if I get one big donation and don’t charge people to come to my event?

Great! That’s just fine.

What if I donate all the money myself?

Fantastic – thank you!

Can I raise money in another way?

Sure. We just ask that you provide us with a letter documenting your fundraising ideas in advance so we can approve it.

Who should we write the check to?

Operation Ward 57

Can they write a check to me and then I’ll write a big check to you?

We prefer that each donor write his or her own check directly to Operation Ward 57. That way, each donor will be able to take the tax deduction available to them. Additionally, writing checks directly to Operation Ward 57 will reassure donors who don’t know you well that this fundraising event is legitimate.

Can people pay in cash? What should I do with the money?

Please collect all the cash, and turn it into a money order or deposit it into your account and send us a bank check. That solves the problem of sending cash through the mail.

Along with the check or money order, be sure to send us a list of all donors who donated in cash and want or require a tax receipt. Your list must include all the contact information for those donors, including the amount they donated. We need their name, full address, phone number and, if possible, their email address. If you’ve donated and your contribution is included in the check or money order, don’t forget to fill include information for yourself!

My company will donate, but needs your taxpayer ID number.

Our Federal Tax ID number is EIN#: 61-1521946

Can people donate by credit card?

Yes we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. This information is needed to process a card: Name on Card, Billing Address, Phone Number (in case we have issues running the card we can contact them), 3 Digit Security Code, & Donation Amount. Please note there is a small fee to process credit card transactions.

Folks can pay by credit card in any of these three ways:

  1. They can give or mail the information to you. Then you can pass the info to us (by phone, email, mail or fax) and we’ll process the cards.
  2. They can call our office at 253-534-8779 and give their name, address, and credit card info to our staff.
  3. They can donate online at or
Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. We are non-profit organization (also known as a 501(c)3). Contributions to Operation ward 57 are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Can I get a letter from Operation Ward 57 so that when I solicit people they know I’m legit?

Yes. As soon as we receive and approve your event, we will send you a letter of approval. They are also welcome to call us or email us to validate the fundraising event. They can call 253-534-8779 or email us at

Is there a minimum age to be a host or attend an event?

No, we welcome participation by people of all ages. Of course, we expect all hosts and guests to abide by all local laws and any alcohol laws.

What if I promise to raise $xxxx, but come up short?

Nothing will happen to you if you come up short of your fundraising goals due to circumstances beyond your control. All we ask is that you do your best, and do everything possible to meet the fundraising goal.

Will my event be covered under Operation Ward 57 insurance?

No. We cannot assume any liability for injuries or anything else for that matter. But in most cases your event will be covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance or the insurance policy of the venue where it will be held.

People are really helping me out with my event and providing their services for free. I’m talking about catering, audio equipment, the room rental etc. They’ve asked me for tax receipts for the equivalent of the cost. Can you issue them tax receipts?

No. We are unable to provide tax receipts for donations that do not directly come to Operation Ward 57.

Will you send thank you letters?

Yes, we will send thank you letters to all donors. This letter will also serve as their receipt for tax purposes. If there’s anybody else we should thank—somebody who donates food or drink or is a great volunteer—please let us know.

After the Event – Celebrate your success!

Please send photos of your event right away with and names and permission of all people in the photos along with the amount raised and any other details about what happened at the event and we will announce your success to our supporters!

Please make sure we receive all funds donated within 14 days. Legal action may be pursued if funds are not received.

Suggested Fund Raise Ideas

  • Bake sale
  • Garage Sale
  • Company Matching Gift
  • Restaurants: donate a portion of one night’s revenue
  • Your birthday: Instead of gifts, ask your family and friends to donate to OPW57.
  • Potluck/BBQ
  • Poker Tournament
  • Jeans Day At Work: Everyone donates $5-10 to wear jeans to work
  • Online auction: Sell items through Internet auctions, and donate the proceeds
  • Run: Challenge some friends to a 5K or 10K and gather some pledges
  • Volunteerism: Many companies will make a donation to a charity its employees volunteer for. Check with your HR department.
  • Bicycle, motorcycle ride
  • Movie night
  • Hair-cut-a-thon
  • Music Concert
  • Art Show
  • Website promotion
  • Call your friends
  • Call your local radio station
  • Video game competition
  • A portion of sales from…