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You can do your part by joining Operation Ward 57s’ social networks! Share us with your family and friends while keeping up to date on the latest news, updates & events!

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If you have not done so already, make sure you become a fan of Operation Ward 57 on Facebook here. We regularly post the most important updates and information on our Fan Page. Once you become a fan, you will see those updates in your news feed and will gain the ability to ‘Share’ specific posted items.

If there is a specific page on that you want to share, posting it to your page, along with a very short sentence about why it’s important, is enormously effective.

CAUSES l Operation Ward 57CAUSES
Causes makes it easy to invite your friends to join. This a great, great way to get people looped in with a cause for the long term. (Just click the blue ‘invite’ button.)
Anytime you want to help promote something on Facebook, you can write about it in your status.

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Tips for supporting Operation Ward 57 using Twitter
When you see something you want to promote, retweet it!

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We do not utilize myspace as of November, 2010 but still maintain a page to redirect traffic.

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(Link Coming Soon)

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