If you are a post 9/11 wounded, ill or injured service member, disabled veteran, caregiver or a family member you may be eligible for our services.  To inquire about receiving assistance through any of our programs you can contact us at Be sure to check out our Blog, Event and Facebook page for the latest events and opportunities! *If you served prior to post 9/11 you may be eligible for some of our programs. Please contact us to verify eligibility.*

And if you are suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety, physical disabilities, TBI or any other difficult life issue and just need to talk to someone – please contact us to speak to a wounded warrior peer mentor at 267-210-6956 or Our phone line is available 24/7 to all era Veterans and their loved ones. All calls are confidential.  Case management services are also available.


Warrior & Caregiver Support

  • Morale & Comfort Items Supply of adapted (for amputee) and non-adapted T-shirts, blankets, and morale items for patients, family members, staff and VIPs delivered weekly to patients by volunteers. Our shirts are our main primary program. With a donation, you are supporting our program of distribution of shirts to patients and family members. With a donation of $20 or more, you will receive the very same shirt (s) that we distribute for free to wounded warriors and their loved ones.
  • Patient Visits This is a difficult and painful time. We welcome in a respectful and low-key manner, new & current patients & family members in their rooms, giving them a shirt and any other items needed.
  • DVD & Video Game Library Hundreds of top movies in DVD format are available for patients and family members. New personal DVD players and full size DVD players are also available for patient and family member use. The newest games in multiple formats, XBOX 360, Wii, Playstation and the gaming systems to play them on are available for patients and family members to use in their rooms.
  • Family  & Children’s Needs A constant supply of new toys, art supplies, board games, CD’s, and furniture are available for children and families.
  • Storage and Supplies Bookshelves, storage furniture, microwaves, and office supplies for patient/nursing areas and other items.
  • Service Animal Support – Provide financial and material support for veterans and their service dog in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence. Services include assisting with covering costs of vests, food, training, transportation, vet bills, etc. This program also partners with several non-governmental agencies to help find and place disabled veterans with service animals.

Holiday Cheer

Holidays can be particularly difficult for patients who are unable to leave the wards. OPW57 creates morale and spirit boosting events and gifts for patients and staff. With your support we have been able to provide live music directly on the ward, flowers, hot catered meals, gift bags, baskets and more throughout the year.

We also host an Adopt A Family Program around Christmas for wounded warrior families that need extra assistance with gifts and a hot meal. The program opens Nov 1st. Learn more HERE.

Honor & Courage/Small Grants

  • Honor & Courage To provide continuous support to wounded Heroes in and out of the hospital. Additional support provided through advocacy, education and promotion of their circumstances. A team of fellow wounded Veterans who have healed from difficult injuries and have learned to cope with PTSD themselves will be available as caseworkers to offer much needed support, compassion and motivation to those who are currently struggling with their injuries both seen and unseen.   Goals for this program are:  Wounded Hero Mentors & Case Management, Wounded Hero Motivational  Speakers, Youth Motivational Speakers, and Advocacy & Education. This program is open to all eras of Veterans as well as Caregivers.
  •  Small Grants One time cash grants are made to individuals for extenuating circumstances to improve quality of life.


Deployment Support

Active duty service members who work on the ward, have volunteered, or served as a combat medic and then deploy, are not forgotten. Substantial care packages are sent not only for that staff, but also for them to give to others, allowing them to continue to personally provide moral and spirit boosting help for their fellow soldiers. In addition we provide homecoming and deployment parties and activities to help ease their transitions.

Concerts & Events

Operation Ward 57 arranges excursion to events and concerts in the local area as well as around the country. These events often feature a meet-n-greet with the artist and a special seating area.  Event support also provided to wounded warrior units. Past events include 3 Doors Down, Alice in Chains, Collective Soul, Rodney Atkins, Mixed Martial Arts Competitions, Comedy Shows, Sporting Events and Family Friendly events such as Disney on Ice. If a wounded warrior wants to attend a show anywhere in the country, we try arrange entrance for them (subject to availability).

PEBFORUM.COM – We promote this site started by former Board Member Jason Perry that provides information on the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard and Reserve MEB and PEB. This site is dedicated to helping America’s Wounded Warriors navigate all phases of the Physical Disability Evaluation System, including the Medical Evaluation Board, the Physical Evaluation Board, Physical Disability Board of Review, Board for Correction of Military Records, and more.