Force Protection Program

Honor & Courage Force Protection Program

“We won’t let YOU, become part of the 22!”

Often times when a warrior is going through hard times battling PTSD, anxiety or depression, it’s difficult to pick up the phone to reach out. The Honor & Courage Force Protection Program will connect you with another Veteran who will make the call to YOU. You can decide how often you would like to be called. Maybe you only need a Battle Brother/Sister to check in with you once a month, or maybe you prefer to be called once a week or once a day. The option is yours and you can change your decision to more or less phone calls at any given time. Your life matters and we honor and respect you and your service to our country.   Please fill out the following form to better allow us to connect you with your Battle Brother/Sister. As always the Honor & Courage Veteran Crisis line is also available 24/7 for Veterans of all conflicts at 267-210-6956.

Mission: To help manage risks and minimize vulnerabilities through preventative measures to protect Veterans & their families and to safeguard their physical and psychological security.

Note: All information is confidential and we will not share your information with any third party agencies.

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