Morale & Comfort Items

Supply of adapted (for amputees) and non-adapted T-Shirts, blankets and morale items for patients, family members, staff and VIPs delivered several times a month to patient rooms by volunteers. Each new warrior is provided with a welcome kit of OPW57 items, including tshirt, blanket, beanie, tool, flashlight and more.

Items are added to the OPW57 program by special requests from the wounded service members themselves. For example, the portable tool kit is provided to provide on the go wheelchair and prosthetic fixes. The sand and olive drab rugged tshirts are provided for wounded warriors to wear during their physical therapy so that they may still adhere to military uniform codes.  Headbands and back scratchers help to alleviate physical discomforts as a result of activities, medications and side effects. Flashlights are provided for safety for the family members and wounded warriors who must travel back and forth between the hospital and lodging facilities on the base. These are just some of the examples of the needs of the recovering service members.

Our shirts are our main primary program. With a donation, you are supporting our program of distribution of shirts to patients and family members. With a donation of $20 or more, you will receive the very same shirt (s) that we distribute for free to wounded warriors and their loved ones.